The complete main road frontage now features all new 6” white treated pine posts, seven wire, with white poly droppers. All paddocks are supplied by underground rural poly to water trouphs.

The property has had many improvements including new lasering and establishment of lucerne paddocks, oats crops, plus 100% fertilising. Over the past three months the farm has undergone a complete spraying and huge quality pasture improvement programme in all paddocks, which also includes various Italian rye, lucerne and shaftle. 27 hectares of oats crops have also been established for grazing and future fodder.

The newly acquired adjoining property has undergone a complete new fencing programe, centered around all-weather laneway system and the establishment of pipe extensions and widening of gateways along with a larger amount of smaller holding paddocks and new rural poly underground watering to troughs etc.

These sowing programmes will endeavor to make the farm fully self-sufficient and alleviate the large expense in exterior fodder purchases, which we have experienced over the very difficult dry periods.

The new fencing has been established to fit in with the irrigation channels with all stay sections completed with solid galvanized steel piping, with the majority in 7 feet treated pine 6 inch posts with rural poly droppers.

The farm has a Category ‘A’ Drainage rating and includes the establishment of a large 6 meg water recycle catchment area and tractor for pumping back into channels for further irrigation. 

MODERN FULLY SELF CONTAINED FACILITIES                                                                                                                            As As well as the brand new homestead, the farm also has a separate modern fully self contained unit for staff , which includes as new kitchenette, carpeted lounge, office and bedroom, tiled bathroom, reverse cycle air conditioning, etc.,


The previous fencing on the newly acquired acreage has been completely ‘gutted’, along with the previous irrigation channel setup. These old channels have been filled in, with the removal of the old supply wheel from the main irrigation channel and the establishment of a brand new diesel motor supply outlet and new channels formed to unify the entire two properties.

To enable these procedures, two large water recycle areas were established along with a modern new 1.5 meg ‘kidney shape’ lake at the front of the new homestead  to gain soil for the building of the new irrigation pads and filling in of old channels. At the same time this soil was utilized in forming a new cambered sand based JOG/EDUCATION TRACK (APROX 550/600 Metres).

Newly positioned underground rural poly to stock troughs, new concrete channel crossings, all weather crushed rock laneways have been established with a complete brand new sub division of fencing.

Around the newly built yearling barn, there has also been established multiple new sub-divided paddocks with permanent colourbond shelters and yards, surrounding the lake at the front of the new homestead fronting the main highway. These paddocks have been sown down to improved pasture and will be utilised for the top stud New Zealand mares, plus quality weanlings/yearlings.